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EvolvePlus Appointed as Preferred Supplier for WALGA

WALGA has appointed EvolvePlus as a Preferred Supplier for the provision of Library Management Systems (LMS) to Local Government in WA. With EvolvePlus being a pre-qualified supplier it provides councils with a streamlined procurement process for implementation of the Aurora Library Management System without the overheads of a lengthy tender process.

Developed in Australia, Aurora LMS goes beyond the traditional library information system to deliver an extensive range of features that improves productivity of your library service including floating collections, suggestion management, inter-library loans and patron newsletters. Aurora helps staff to be more effective and more efficient at managing library information.

Whether your library service is a single service library, has widely distributed branches, or is part of a consortium, Aurora provides unified library management resulting in improved public access, flexible and intelligent stock management, email & SMS notices, and greater administrative control.

In addition to our extensive range of cloud-delivered applications for Library Management, PC Booking Management, Print Management and Resource Bookings, EvolvePlus also specialise in Wireless, USB, 3G and LoRaWAN IoT People Counting solutions with a centralised web browser statistics platform providing analysis for incoming & outgoing visitors/traffic for each location by hour/day/week/month/year. Our Occupancy People Counters Web App enables libraries to track the number of patrons currently inside a branch which is ideal for real-time monitoring of visitors to comply with government and COVID-19 related regulations.


Connected Occupancy Clicker
Occupancy Display People Counter

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