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Aurora Software Release May 2018

A new version of the Aurora Library Management System Cloud Desktop has been released to all library customers during May 2018.

Highlights of the May 2018 release include:

Cataloguing & Headings 

  • It is now possible to add and edit series authorities completing the authority maintenance set.
  • The Headings screen contains an option to filter a search by a specific heading tag.
  • An operator may now edit a related authority for a heading via a new option in the contextual menu in Bibliographic Cataloguing.
  • A new ‘View’ tab in Bibliographic Cataloguing allows an operator to move tagged fields from one bib record to another via drag and drop. 
  • The operator may now edit the child holding sub-location value.
  • Improvements to hyperlink colour code matching including series authorities.
  • Options that are hidden when navigating to the Child holding tab are now made visible again when returning to the Details tab.
  • Improvements in listing recent works changed by an operator


  • A new check box 'Tasks Run' allows an operator to easily view when important tasks were last run 

 Homebound (Home Library Service)

  • Improvements for the Lookup search.
  • New column for User general note (U_Notes) is now shown in picking list
  • When adding a profile the options default to SIC codes if any present, else default to Subjects
  • The automatic profile allocation is now in random order providing a more varied selection for homebound users.

Reports and Statistics 

  • New web analytics and maps links
  • Reserve notice statistical breakdowns are now in Key Reports including counts per day, method and ratio
  • Suggestion action was previously not matching correctly on the home library

System Parameters

  • Option to Re-register user change to normal status.
  • Closed days now requires Add button to be pressed to be more intuitive.
  • Option to block Set-aside/Holds functionality.
  • Able to define default Braille item format. 

Click here for the complete list of changes released in 2018.

For more information on Aurora refer to the article Aurora LMS or Contact EvolvePlus for more information.

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