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Trevor is a Director at EvolvePlus Pty Ltd - a company providing leading edge IoT People Counting and Library Technology solutions to organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

Update to People Counter On-Premise Software

IMMOTION on-premise dashboard

EvolvePlus offers an easy-to-install USB and wireless people counter solutions. It combines battery-powered people counter sensors with the choice of our Australian-developed cloud portal or the IMMOTION on-premise software for data-driven analysis via dashboards and reports.

The on-premise software is available to customers to install on their own Windows servers or desktops.

Version 1.1.4 of the IMMOTION software is now available, and will upgrade an existing IMMOTION v1.0.3 installation to the latest version.

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Three Easy Steps To Install: Wireless RF People Counter

sensor network gateway
activate people counter sensor
install sensor

EvolvePlus offers an easy-to-install, automated wireless people counter solution. It combines wireless RF people counter sensors with the choice of our Australian-developed cloud portal or the IMMOTION on-premise software for data-driven analysis via dashboards and reports.

We ship the people counters and SNG Hub (sensor network gateway) preconfigured with your counting location settings ready for your team to self-install.

Installing the wireless RF people counter and SNG Hub is simple! All it takes is 3 easy steps:

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New Overhead ToF People Counter

Overhead ToF People Counter

EvolvePlus has expanded its Overhead People Counter product range with the release of the Overhead ToF (Time of Flight) People Counter.

Our entry-level Overhead ToF People Counter sensor fits discreetly into the ceiling facing downwards and measure visitor traffic, delivering high-accuracy counting in challenging medium traffic environments, as well as offering additional analytic features beyond in/out footfall counting, including separate counts for adults & children based on height, as well as staff counting for team members wearing unique lanyards. 

The sensor incorporates Power over Ethernet (PoE+), which combines data connectivity and power supply in one cable. The People Counter is equipped with advanced sensors that use near-infrared light reflection and AI to count visitors accurately. 

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New release of EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard

We are thrilled to unveil the release of ePortal Version 4 – the latest iteration of the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard. This innovative platform meticulously analyses people counter data obtained from a variety of sensors, including Overhead, Wireless, and USB. The footfall analytics derived from this data offer valuable insights into peak visitor traffic, venue occupancy, staffing needs, and optimal bathroom cleaning schedules.

Version 4 marks the ongoing evolution of the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard, featuring simplified menus, enhanced mobile optimization, and an expanded array of new reports and charts. Explore the future of analytics with ePortal Version 4 and gain unparalleled insights into your facilities.

The following are some of the new features and enhancements available in Version 4.

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Overhead People Counter with WiFi Connectivity

In the rapidly evolving landscape of retail, office facilities, and public spaces, our Overhead 3D People Counter solution provides highly accurate people counting in a range of buildings, including shopping centres, retail stores, art galleries, public libraries, leisure centres, office buildings, government facilities and transport hubs. They play a pivotal role in gathering valuable data to optimise operations, enhance customer experiences, and make informed decisions.

Our Overhead 3D People Counter solution is now available with optional WiFi Connectivity. The wireless connectivity allows for easy installation and setup. By connecting to your building's WiFi, there is no need for complicated wiring or infrastructure. The advantage is particularly beneficial in environments where aesthetics and convenience are crucial, allowing organisations to set up counters without disrupting the existing infrastructure.

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Battery Powered Outdoor People Counters with Analytics

EvolvePlus offers two different models of battery-powered Outdoor People Counters that provide detailed hourly/daily analytics:

  • USB People Counter with onboard memory
  • Wireless People Counter - with automated data transfer via 4G or local network

Both models are ideal for environments such as footpaths, walking tracks, public toilets and park entrances, and feature a robust outdoor enclosure designed to withstand the harsh elements.

Which Model is Right for You?

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Three Easy Steps To Install: Wireless LoRaWAN People Counter

EvolvePlus offers a turnkey, automated people counter solution - combining wireless LoRaWAN sensors with our Australian developed cloud portal for data-driven analysis via dashboards and reports.

We ship the people counters and gateway preconfigured with your counting location settings ready for your team to self-install.

Installing the wireless LoRaWAN people counter and gateway is simple! All it takes is 3 easy steps:

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Enhancements to People Counter API

Analytics API for EvolvePlus People Counters

The ePortal API for our EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard delivers footfall data from our Overhead 3D, Wireless and USB people counters in JSON format. 

The valuable information delivered via the API provides in-depth traffic insight to determine optimal operating hours, staffing requirements and peak visitor times, with organisations able to utilise the data within their own analytics applications such as Microsoft PowerBI and Zoho Analytics. 

With the release of version 1.2, the ePortal API has been enhanced to include support for our latest Wireless LoRaWAN people counters available in horizontal and overhead models. LoRaWAN is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery-operated IoT sensors over long distances.

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Indoor Air Quality Sensors for Workplace Health

IAQ Sensor

Indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in office buildings where air quality can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of employees. The EvolvePlus indoor air quality sensors can provide real-time monitoring of indoor air pollutants and help employers create a healthier and more comfortable workplace.

By monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity, our indoor air quality sensors can help identify potential sources of poor air quality and allow building managers to take corrective action. For example, if CO2 levels are high, it may indicate a lack of ventilation in the building, and increasing air circulation or opening windows can improve air quality. 

The EvolvePlus indoor air quality sensors can also help create a healthier and more productive workplace. Studies have shown that improved air quality can lead to higher employee satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity. In addition, the EvolvePlus indoor air quality sensors can help employers comply with regulations and certifications related to indoor air quality, such as the WELL Building Standard.

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People Counters for Optimising Facility Cleaning

Photo public toilet

Maintaining clean and hygienic public bathrooms and other building facilities are essential for ensuring the health and safety of visitors. But it can be challenging for facility managers and cleaning staff to keep up with the high traffic and varying usage patterns of these areas. The EvolvePlus people counters can be implemented as an effective tool for optimising cleaning in public restrooms and other facility spaces.

The EvolvePlus people counters detect and count the number of people entering and exiting a designated area. These sensors can be installed in entryways or above doorways of public restrooms to provide valuable insights into the usage. This data can then be used to develop cleaning schedules tailored to each restroom's specific needs.

By analysing the foot traffic data collected by the people counters within the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard, facility managers and cleaning contractors can determine the busiest times of the day for the restroom. This information can be used to optimise cleaning schedules, ensuring that the restroom is cleaned at the appropriate intervals to maintain a high level of hygiene. For example, if the data shows that a particular restroom experiences a surge in foot traffic during lunch hours, the cleaning schedule can be adjusted accordingly to ensure that the restroom is cleaned more frequently during this time.

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Comparison of Battery-Powered Wireless People Counters

EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard Example

EvolvePlus offers two models of battery-powered wireless people counters, each with its own advantages for different footfall-counting environments. Whilst both models feature the same sensor enclosure with horizontal infrared technology, they offer different data transmission methods, which enables customers to choose the model that best suits their environment.

The Wireless RF (Short Range) People Counter model can transmit count data every few seconds and is ideal for organisations that require live occupancy displays or self-hosted software. It features lights on the sensors to indicate successful data transmission and low battery.

The Gateway (SNG Hub) for the Wireless RF (Short Range) People Counter model needs to be located within 20 metres of the people counter sensors and offer ethernet network connectivity. It includes the reporting software for installation on your own PC/server or the option of the EvolvePlus Cloud Dashboard.

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New People Counter Dashboard Release

ePortal Footfall Traffic Analysis

Our cloud-delivered EvolvePlus ePortal web application is developed in Australia and provides data-driven analysis with dashboards and reports across our IoT product range. Our IoT sensors include Overhead 3D, Wireless and USB people counters, indoor air quality sensors and smiley feedback counters. 

Our latest release of the ePortal application (v3.3.0) has been released this month and includes the following new features and enhancements:

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New Indoor Air Quality Sensors with Remote Dashboards

Air Quality Sensor Photo

EvolvePlus is proud to announce the launch of our new Indoor Air Quality Sensors, which play an essential role in improving health, well-being and productivity within commercial offices, meeting rooms, classrooms and other buildings.

Studies have shown that poor ventilation can result in lower oxygen levels and a build-up of carbon dioxide (CO2) with many of today's heavily insulated buildings detrimental to good health. Even moderate levels of CO2 can have a negative impact on people's health as they may experience drowsiness and difficulty concentrating. Our new Indoor Air Quality Sensors enable real-time CO2 monitoring for staff to accurately measure and adjust indoor air quality.

Our IoT Indoor Air Quality Sensors are advanced indoor climate sensors for the LoRaWAN® wireless network, measuring CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, and motion. Our centralised web dashboard provides remote monitoring of current and historical readings from multiple locations, with a traffic light display on the sensor available to provide live alerts (without using the web dashboard).

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N-Tick Approved by NNNCo

NNNCo T-Tick Approved

The EvolvePlus LoRaWAN People Counter has been N-Tick approved by NNNCo. The ‘N-Tick Network Approved Programme’ ensures that the EvolvePlus People Counters have been reviewed and validated by NNNco to operate over NNNCo’s telco-grade enterprise LoRaWAN network worldwide.

NNNCo is a 100% IoT telco and one of Australia’s leading LoRaWAN network carriers. Partnering with NNNCo enables councils, government agencies and enterprises to deploy and scale our EvolvePlus IoT footfall traffic sensors and integrate the analytics into their existing IoT platform.

The EvolvePlus LoRaWAN People Counter provides accurate footfall traffic counting for both indoor and outdoor environments. Our LoRaWAN people counting solution solves various traffic monitoring challenges for all types of environments, including libraries, galleries, public toilets, office buildings, retail stores, shopping centres, park entrances, council facilities, meeting rooms, leisure centres, and pedestrian paths. The battery-powered people counters are bi-directional and will count both ‘In’ and ‘Out’ directions with wireless data connectivity to LoRaWAN gateways.

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BookingsPlus Fee Calculation Enhancement

Resource Booking Fee Calculation

We've recently introduced an enhancement within the BookingsPlus Resource Bookings module to set different rates when booking a facility.

For example: when booking a community facility a Council may charge a standard rate for commercial & standard customers/patrons and a different community rate for community groups and not-for-profit organisations.

In the latest version of BookingsPlus version 18, you can configure this for each resource or facility within the "Content Management" administration module.

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Performance Analytics for Smiley Feedback Counters

Screen shot of new analytics

Our battery-powered Customer Feedback Counters gather valuable customer satisfaction information with five separate smiley buttons that automatically send data to the choice of a Cloud or On-Premise Dashboard.

We've recently enhanced our EvolvePlus ePortal Cloud Dashboard with new visual data analytic charts to assist organisations in gaining insights into client feedback and building customer loyalty across different locations.

The new performance analytics charts include:

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API for People Counter Data

The EvolvePlus ePortal web application provides data-driven analysis with dashboards and reports across people counter data from Overhead 3D, Wireless, USB and LoRaWAN people counters across specified date and time periods. This valuable information reveals in-depth traffic insight to determine optimal operating hours, staffing requirements and peak visitor times.

Our latest API for ePortal application is a RESTful API service to deliver EvolvePlus Overhead 3D and Infrared footfall data from the EvolvePlus Cloud Service in JSON format.

It enables customers to visualise count data from the EvolvePlus people counters into their own analytics applications such as Zoho Analytics and Microsoft PowerBI. Use your business intelligence dashboard to gain a richer insight by combining data from multiple sources into a centralised view, including sales results, financial statements, library statistics, event sales and people traffic counts.,  

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Differentiate Between Adults & Children in Footfall Statistics

Busy crowd for people counter traffic counting
Screen shot - adult and child people counter chart

For enhanced people counter analysis of visitor and customer numbers our Overhead 3D People Counter sensors can provide separate footfall statistics for Adults & Children.  

The onboard Artificial Intelligence (AI) detects the height of each person and counts as either an Adult or Child based on the height. You can configure the sensor with the height that you wish to use to differentiate each detected person as an Adult or Child.

The result is a more detailed analysis of customers and visitors, which is displayed via reports and charts within the EvolvePlus Dashboard.

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EvolvePlus Accredited for NSW Government

NSW Government Accredited Supplier

EvolvePlus has been accredited to supply ICT Services to NSW Government customers as part of ICT Services Scheme SCM 0020.

As a prequalified supplier, it enables government agencies a quick and easy way to purchase IoT people counters solutions from EvolvePlus, with the choice of Overhead 3D with in-built artificial intelligence and battery-powered infrared footfall counting technology. 

Our IoT People Counting and Smart Building solutions are available for both indoor and outdoor environments including government facilities, office buildings, libraries, galleries, public toilets, park entrances, pedestrian paths and more. The EvolvePlus Dashboard & Analytics provide data-driven analysis delivered via an Australian data centre with the option for an on-premise software platform. The range of connectivity options available for data delivery includes LoRaWAN, Wireless with Ethernet LAN, 3G/4G mobile broadband, and USB.

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Footfall Traffic Report with Staff Ratio

Enter daily report criteria with staff ratio
Report with adjusted people counter totals for staff ratio

In our January 2021 article we described how our Overhead 3D People Counter solution can identify employees and exclude them from the footfall traffic counts. This provides greater accuracy of people counter analysis for sales conversion ratios, visitor numbers, etc. 

Whilst our Wireless and USB Infrared People Counters do not support using specially designed name tags to exclude staff from statistics, our EvolvePlus Reporting & Analytics platform does provide a daily statistics report to display total footfall traffic counts and an adjusted total based on your own calculated staff ratio.

For more information on accessing the Daily People Counter Reduced By Staff Ratio Report contact EvolvePlus.

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