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Indoor Air Quality Sensors with Remote Monitoring

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The EvolvePlus Indoor Air Quality Sensors play an important role in improving productivity, health and wellbeing within a range of environments, including classrooms, meeting rooms, offices and other buildings.

Our IoT Indoor Air Quality Sensors is an advanced indoor climate sensor for LoRaWAN® wireless network, measuring CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, and motion. Our centralised web dashboard provides remote monitoring of current and historical readings from multiple locations, with a traffic light display on the sensor available to provide live alerts (without having to use the web dashboard).

Many of today's heavily insulated buildings can be detrimental to good health. Poor ventilation can result in lower oxygen levels and a build-up of carbon dioxide (CO2). Even moderate levels of CO2 can have a negative impact on people's health as they may experience drowsiness and have difficulty concentrating. Our IoT Sensors enables real-time CO2 monitoring for staff to accurately measure and adjust indoor air quality.

General Features

  • Easy "plug & play" installation
  • Choice of battery-powered or mains-powered sensors
  • Compact wall mounting
  • Long range wireless data connectivity via LoRaWAN
  • Remote monitoring from centralised dashboard
  • Display on sensor with live data and traffic light colour alert available
  • Integrate data into your own IoT analytics dashboard
  • NFC configuration
  • European designed and built
  • Exceptional after sales support
  • 1 Year Warranty

Indoor Air Quality Sensor Models

EvolvePlus offers a variety of Indoor air quality sensor models to meet your needs. For further information please see our feature comparison

Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Battery powered LoRaWAN sensor with CO2 monitoring (accuracy +-50ppm) , temperature, humidity and motion detection.

Indoor Air Quality Sensor Pro Edition

Battery powered LoRaWAN sensor with CO2 monitoring (accuracy +-30ppm) , temperature, humidity and motion detection.

Indoor Air Quality Sensor with Display

Mains powered LoRaWAN sensor with display screen, CO2 monitoring (accuracy +-50ppm), temperature, and humidity.

Indoor Air Quality Sensor with Display: Pro Edition

Mains powered LoRaWAN sensor with display screen, CO2 monitoring (accuracy +-30ppm), humidity and motion detection.

Indoor Air Quality Sensor Basic Edition

Battery powered LoRaWAN sensor with temperature, humidity and motion detection.

IMMOTION™ Cloud Hosting

EvolvePlus provides IMMOTION™ on a hosted turnkey cloud solution, leaving you free to focus on what you do best without the burden of ensuring the IMMOTION™ application is stable, maintained, and secure.

Our cloud solution is run on Amazon's secure and scalable AWS platform based out of Sydney Australia for optimal speed and performance.

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EvolvePlus Clients

  • Hobart City Council
  • Kimberly Clark
  • UNSW Sydney
  • Parks Victoria
  • City Of Greater Geelong
  • Weber BBQ
  • City of Melton
  • Hobsons Bay City Council
  • Mornington Peninsula Shire
  • Wyndham City
  • Oz Design
  • Randwick City Council
  • TEEG
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • National Archives of Australia
  • City of Darwin
  • Weslo Events
  • City of Busselton
  • Cairns Regional Council
  • Adenbrook Homes
  • City of Playford

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