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BookingsPlus streamlines the daily booking management tasks often undertaken in libraries and community hubs. Modules include Room Bookings, PC Bookings, Event Bookings & Games Console Bookings.

Print Management for BookingsPlus

BookingsPlus integrates with Papercut Print & Copy Management to provide a fully featured solution that makes Print & Copy Management as easy and pain free as possible.

Aurora LMS

Aurora LMS goes beyond the traditional library management system to deliver an extensive range of features that improves productivity in your library including suggestion management, inter-library loans, floating collections and patron newsletters.


The Sensify solution aims to connect local community with groups, events, businesses, products and services as well as offering a platform for users to engage and connect with one another.


RefPlus improves an organisation's knowledge and information service delivery. The intuitive web based interface provides rapid information discovery and simple processes for managing customer requests and reference tracking.

My Reading List

My Reading List provides a new and easy way to manage your Summer Reading Program and other year-round reading activities.

Million Word Reading Challenge

The Million Word Challenge is a new approach to independent reading to inspire and engage students as readers. The challenge has students tracking their word counts, rather than the number of books or levels.

VuFind Discovery Layer

The VuFind Discovery Layer is an open source library resource and discovery portal designed and developed for libraries by libraries providing patrons with a unique web 2.0 experience. Users to search and browse through all of your library's resources by replacing the traditional OPAC from your existing ILS vendor.

Netloan PC Bookings

Netloan is a PC booking and print management solution that ensures fair and equal access to a library's public access computers.

Netloan Wi-Fi

The Netloan Wi-Fi module provides a completely automated login and authentication process for users wishing to access your wireless network, with the ability to set certain controls for length and frequency of Wi-Fi sessions available.

EvolvePlus Reporting & Dashboards

Use the EvolvePlus professional report and dashboard builder to easily create stylish dashboards with reports, charts and statistics for our various EvolvePlus products (such as People Counters, Sensify, Brushtail, EvolvePlus ILS, etc.) and combine it with SQL data from other systems used in your organisation (e.g. Retail & Sales, Library Management, etc.).

PD Manager

PD Manager is a Easy-To-Use Professional Learning cloud-based application which is specifically designed for schools.

People Counters

Our microprocessor controlled People Counters provide reliable counting of pedestrian traffic passing through a designated area. The small size and weight of our Electronic People Counters allows for installation almost anywhere.

SurveyPlus Community Survey App

SurveyPlus is a fully managed community survey web app that automates online surveys & questionnaires for your community, library members, visitors, ratepayers, staff, job applicants and more.

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