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Library Solutions


BookingsPlus streamlines the daily booking management tasks often undertaken in libraries and community hubs. Modules include Room Bookings, PC Bookings, Event Bookings & Games Console Bookings.

Aurora LMS

Aurora LMS goes beyond the traditional library management system to deliver an extensive range of features that improves productivity in your library including suggestion management, inter-library loans, floating collections and patron newsletters.


RefPlus improves an organisation's knowledge and information service delivery. The intuitive web based interface provides rapid information discovery and simple processes for managing customer requests and reference tracking.

My Reading List for Schools

My Reading List for Schools provides a new and easy way to manage your Summer Reading Program and other year-round reading activities.

Amlib Professional Services

Amlib Professional Services will give you more time to fully focus on your library service and customers. Some of the services that we can offer include installation of new software releases, assisting with Amlib regular maintenance tasks, managing and troubleshooting your Amlib LMS (e.g. SIP2 integration) and database optimisation.

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Library Solutions
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