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Latest news and updates from EvolvePlus

People Counter Software Implemented on macOS

Our USB and Wireless People Counter solutions include the SensorServer software application - which customers can choose the On-Premise edition for installation on their own server/PC, or they can choose to use the Cloud edition delivered from the EvolvePlus cloud infrastructure.

Up to now the On-Premise edition has been installed on the Windows operating system.  We are pleased to announce that we have successfully implemented the SensorServer software for our People Counters on the Apple macOS operating system.

Gertrude Contemporary, a not-for-profit gallery and studio complex that has been supporting contemporary artists for over 30 year, uses Apple iMacs as their primary IT platform. 

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PC Bookings with Print Management

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Print Management and Self Service Kiosk capability for the BookingsPlus PC Booking solution for libraries.

Using BookingsPlus PC Bookings it’s easy for library members, guests and staff to easily reserve public access PCs and view availability. 

The new Print Management module and associated Self Service Kiosks makes it easy to manage printing and recover costs from members and guests printing from public workstations. It is designed to check and manage the usage of your print equipment, whether they are printers (network and local) or multifunction devices (MFD). 

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Number of people in the venue at any one time

Our people counters record the number of people entering and exiting a venue in real time. From this information, we can then calculate and display the total number of people in the venue at any one time. This feature is ideal for venues that are required to monitor capacity numbers in real time to comply with liquor licensing laws, venue capacity limits, etc.

The live count total is displayed on a custom styled web page that is compatible with any web-enabled PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


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Visit EvolvePlus at EduTECH 2017

EduTECH 2017 is taking place 8th and 9th June 2017 at the International Conference Centre in Sydney, and is the largest education expo in the entire Asia Pacific region.

EvolvePlus is proud to support EduTECH 2017 and we will be have an exciting range of productivity & technology solutions on display for libraries, schools and tertiary education including:

Million Word Reading Challenge AppPD ManagerWireless People Counter Solutions, including 3G Connectivity, Infrared Sensor and Overhead Thermal CountersOnline Social Community Platform with Mobile AppsPC, Event and Room Booking ManagementCustomer Request & Reference TrackingAurora Library Management SystemWeb Reporting & Dashboards (Combining Data from People Counters, ILS and more)

We will be at stand 150 in the "Libraries Zone" - come and visit us to learn more about our Productivity & Technology solutions for Libraries and Education.

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Amlib Data Services

EvolvePlus offers libraries a range of professional services for the Amlib library management system that save time and automate regular tasks. Whether your library is looking to optimise its processes or migrate Amlib data to another system, our staff have extensive experience across all aspects of Amlib.

We offer cloud hosting, software customisation, project planning, data migration, consultancy and managed admin services for the Amlib LMS. Our services include:

Amlib Managed Admin Services & SupportAmlib Data Conversion & ExtractionAmlib Software CustomisationAmlib Cloud Hosting & ArchivingAmlib Project PlanningFully Featured Discovery Layer to Replace Amlib WebOPAC

Some of our most recent projects have included SMS integration for Patron Notices, delivery of web dashboards & reports that combine Amlib data with information from other sources (e.g. people counters), and troubleshooting SIP2 integration. 

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New BookingsPlus Customer - Whitehorse Manningham Libraries

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries have started using our cloud-based BookingsPlus application to manage room bookings across the organisation. After a short series of set-up and customisation sessions, Whitehorse Manningham Libraries clients are now able to view meeting room availability and make bookings. This is what the key room booking management staff from Whitehorse Manningham Libraries have to say about BookingsPlus:

“We have been looking for a cloud based booking system for our library meeting rooms for some time.  Evolve Plus has so far met and exceeded our requirements with BookingsPlus.  Tony and Trevor have been very good at responding and have offered us some great advice and are easy to deal with.  We’d highly recommend their system to anyone wanting an easy to use booking system.”

Ann & Nikki

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Integration of People Counters with SirsiDynix BLUEcloud Analytics

Statistical data from the EvolvePlus Wireless People Counter solution has recently been integrated into the SirsiDynix BLUEcloud Analytics platform.


The integration enables libraries to combine their people counter statistics with other SirsiDynix library data - for example loans, membership, etc. - and display this within unified web dashboards and reports.

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RefPlus Version 10 Now Available

RefPlus is an intuitive web based Reference and Request Tracking application that provides rapid information discovery and simple processes for capturing requests and responding with automated notifications.

With the release of version 10, RefPlus is even easier to use with a range of new features and enhancements:

New Advanced Search where you can search by any field (built-in or custom fields), save searches and have search results displayed in a separate list.


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BookingsPlus Enhancements

We've been busy collaborating with our customers to develop new features and enhancements to BookingsPlus - our cloud based bookings platform for rooms, events, public access PCs, game consoles and more.

Some of the latest enhancements include:

Room Bookings - Recurrent Bookings in Public View

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SurveyPlus Community Survey Web App

EvolvePlus is proud to announce the launch of SurveyPlus - a fully managed community survey web app that automates online surveys & questionnaires for your community, library members, visitors, ratepayers, staff, job applicants and more.

Importantly, SurveyPlus is delivered via our Australian cloud infrastructure, to ensure the privacy and security of your community's survey results and assist with compliance to your statutory obligations.

Some examples of how SurveyPlus can be used:

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EvolvePlus: New Product Announcement

EvolvePlus is pleased to announce the launching two new people counting products.

Overhead Thermal - Our Overhead Thermal People Counter fits discreetly onto the ceiling facing downwards and counts the people that pass underneath using thermal technology. The sensors are designed to detect the heat emitted by people passing underneath it as infrared radiation. Click here for more information

3G Gateway Device – Our door and thermal counters can now be connected to a 3G Gateway Device. This will enable the count and timestamp of people traffic to be directly transmitted to our hosted site via the mobile network. Then access the reports via the web interface to see how many customers visit day-by-day, hour-by-hour. Click here for more information

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Meet EvolvePlus at SWITCH 2016

NSW Public Libraries Association (NSWPLA) will be holding its annual SWITCH Conference from 22-24 November at the Ulladulla Civic Centre.

EvolvePlus is proud to support the event and will be have an exciting range of technology solutions & services on display for libraries including:

Indoor and Outdoor People Counter Solutions Wireless People Counter solutions with 3G ConnectivityUSB and Display Footfall CountersOverhead Thermal People CountersSensify Online Community Platform with Mobile AppsBookingsPlus PC, Event and Room Booking ManagementNetloan PC Bookings and Print ManagementRefPlus Customer Request & Reference TrackingWeb Reporting & Dashboards (Combining Data from People Counters, ILS and more)My Reading List Online Summer Reading ProgramVuFind Discovery LayerILS Data Migration

Come and visit us at stand 33 for a closer look or to take any of our solutions for a test drive!

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Launch of EvolvePlus Online Store

We are delighted to announce the launch of the EvolvePlus Online Store, which offers the opportunity to purchase from our comprehensive range of People Counter solutions. You can choose from our Wireless People Counters, USB Counters, LCD Display Counters as well as our new Overhead Thermal People Counter solution from our secure store with convenience of purchasing at a time that suits you best from our 24/7 site.

As part of the launch of our EvolvePlus Online Store we have also revamped our entire site and optimised it for access from all types of devices - whether you are using a desktop, tablet or smartphone. We've also simplified the navigation to make it easier to locate products as well as expand the information available on the site.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new Online Store and fresh new website!

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1000 Books Before School Initiative

The State Library of Victoria and Victorian Public Libraries Network is using the 1000 Books Before School program to encourage reading with your child to create a love of books. My Reading List is a innovative online application to manage the 1000 Books Before School initiative. All of the program features have been developed with the input of librarians to help streamline and improve the 1000 Books Before School program management process.

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Web Dashboards for Amlib

Our new Web Dashboards for Amlib (and other library systems) lets you visualise, track and measure real time your Amlib library data. Not only do these dashboards look great, they provide a familiar way for staff to access and interpret library data. Importantly the dashboards are optimised to run on any device and can be embedded with other intranet web pages. 

Using the EvolvePlus Report and Dashboard builder you can easily create stylish web based dashboards with reports, charts and statistics.  There’s no need to schedule Amlib reports or install Amlib to view the dashboards - we provide real-time information directly to your web browser running on your PC, Mac or tablet (e.g. iPad).

We can also combine data from different sources, such as Amlib, Sensify, VuFind and EvolvePlus People Counters and present as a single integrated Dashboard.

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Promoting health: Increasing stair climbing using a multifaceted intervention

We spend over 90% of our time inside built environments. With an economy that increasingly focuses on services, our working lives become overwhelmingly indoor and sedentary. Occupational physical activity has dropped to low levels so that for most people it no longer contributes significantly to overall physical activity. Less than half of Australian adults are sufficiently active for health (at least 30 minutes moving at moderate levels, such as brisk walking, per day). Moving more as well as breaking up sitting time, have great health benefits.

Climbing stairs is considered vigorous physical activity, similar in intensity to jogging or playing football. These activities are around eight times the body’s metabolic rate, or the amount of energy the body uses when resting or sleeping, or five to six times more than when sitting. Walking down the stairs, on the other hand, is not much different to walking on a flat surface and expends only twice the energy of when you’re sitting.

Stair climbing is great for health beyond energy expenditure only. Research has found that regular stair climbing can enhance longevity and increase aerobic capacity and muscle strength. Hence, using the stairs instead of the escalator or lift is a simple, free, and accessible way of incorporating more incidental physical activity into daily living.

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Pokémon Go - Measuring the Success using People Counters

Pokémon Go has become a global phenomenon since its release earlier this month. It is a augmented reality game for iOS and Android devices using the GPS and camera of a smartphone. Players capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear on their smartphone as though in the real world.

Business News Daily have written an article that describes how businesses can "capitalise on the craze by attract local players to your location", whilst The Age reports that "soon any business may be able to buy an in-game landmark, pretty much guaranteeing foot traffic for as long as the Pokémon Go craze lasts".

If your organisation is thinking about using Pokémon Go as a strategy to attract people to your location, then the EvolvePlus People Counters provide the ideal solution to accurately measure the success of your campaign and to visualise any visitor traffic increase. 

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Visit EvolvePlus at ALIA 2016

EvolvePlus will be exhibiting at the ALIA 2016 National Conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre from Tuesday 30 August to Thursday 1 September 2016.

Discover the exciting range of technology solutions & services we offer to libraries including:

Wireless Network, USB and Display People Counters (Indoor and Outdoor Models)Sensify Online Community PlatformBrushtail PC, Event and Room Booking ManagementNetloan PC Bookings and Print ManagementRefPlus Customer Request & Reference TrackingWeb Reporting & Dashboards (Combining Data from People Counters, ILS and more)My Reading List Online Summer Reading ProgramVuFind Discovery LayerILS Data Migration

Come and visit us at booth 67 for a closer look or to take any of our solutions for a test drive!

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A people traffic counter solution for less than $500

The Micro LCD Screen People Counter with its dimensions of only 85x53x16mm is one of the smallest people counters available anywhere in the world today. Whether it’s used to help a retail store determine their sales conversion ratio or a library keep track of their visitor count, the Micro LCD Screen People Counter will help almost any type of business operate more efficiently.The incredibly small size of the Micro Display People Counter makes it easy to mount to virtually any wall or door frame of up to 5 metres wide. The low power usage of the counters ensure that the single battery only has to be replaced once a year.The People Counter sensor has a side fire beam which means it will be installed flat on the wall or door frame using the double-sided high quality foam tape (supplied). The display can be read easily and counts reset to zero via a special tool which is provided. The display orientation can be modified so that the counter can be fixed to either side of the doorway.This Counter can be setup in minutes and there are no ongoing maintenance/support costs. The maximum display count value is 999999 (6 digits)

Further details can be found from our information page.Order Now to get Micro Display People Counter for the fantastic price of AUD $465 (ex GST) including delivery to anywhere in Australia.


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Glen Innes Severn Library (NSW) goes LIVE with Brushtail for PC Bookings

Glen Innes Severn Library is using Brushtail Library Web Application to manage the public pc’s bookings. Patron authentication is handled directly through the Libero LMS powerful Web services API eliminating the need to purchase expensive SIP2 licenses. The Brushtail/Libero API integration offers unparalleled speed when authenticating a patron ID compared to SIP2 and other authentication methods.

The low set-up/on-going cost of the Open-Source Brushtail Library Web Application enables smaller public libraries to have a PC booking system, event bookings, room bookings, reference query tracking for a much cheaper price than comparable proprietary products.


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Our USB and Wireless People Counter solutions include the SensorServer software application - which customers can choose the On-Premise edition for installation on their own server/PC, or they can choose to use...