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BookingsPlus Enhancements

We've been busy collaborating with our customers to develop new features and enhancements to BookingsPlus - our cloud based bookings platform for rooms, events, public access PCs, game consoles and more.

Some of the latest enhancements include:

Room Bookings - Recurrent Bookings in Public View

BookingsPlus provides the facility staff to creating recurring bookings, making it easy to create and edit regular bookings for specific customers / programs. We have now expanded this feature to be available in our Public / Self Service view enabling customers & patrons to create recurring bookings.


Room Bookings - Hide/Show Custom Fields in Public View

This enables you to create data fields that are only visible to staff and keep hidden from public view. 

For example: date invoice sent, public liability insurance form received, internal notes, etc.

Room Booking - Document Uploads

This new feature is ideal when you need to have a supporting document/form submitted with a booking made using the public view, such as a public liability insurance form, non-profit organisation declaration, etc.


Public Access PC Bookings - Reboot PC on Session End

BookingsPlus can be configured to reboot a PC client each time a session has ended. This is ideal when used in conjunction with PC protection & security software such as Deep Freeze Cloud, which restores the PC to their original state each time a PC is rebooted.

For more information on the above enhancements you can Contact EvolvePlus for assistance.


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