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RefPlus Version 10 Now Available

RefPlus is an intuitive web based Reference and Request Tracking application that provides rapid information discovery and simple processes for capturing requests and responding with automated notifications.

With the release of version 10, RefPlus is even easier to use with a range of new features and enhancements:

  • New Advanced Search where you can search by any field (built-in or custom fields), save searches and have search results displayed in a separate list.


  • Responses (aka Thread Entries) can now be edited. The original entries are preserved and are accessible via a thread history. 
  • Improved to KnowledgeBase with "featured" articles and search displayed on the front page.
  • "Floating" toolbar with common request actions remaining at the top of the page, saving time so that you no longer need to scroll to the top of the page (handy when working with requests with a large number of threads and responses).

  • New Tasks feature - requests can now be split into separate tasks which can have their own assignees, department routing and visibility, due date, and custom data.
  • New Role based permissions for improved security granularity.
  • Plus much more....

To arrange a demonstration of the new features in version 10 or for more information about RefPlus contact EvolvePlus for assistance.

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