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BookingsPlus Version 17 Update

BookingsPlus Sept 2021 Release

The September 2021 release of the BookingsPlus PC & Resource Booking and Print Management solution has completed the initial beta testing and is now available for general release.

There are three key highlights for this release:

  • Improve display for the PC Booking Schedule for staff to easily scroll across PCs (if there are a high number of PCs that can be booked at the branch)
  • Automatic printing of booking slips
  • Emails can be sent using the organisation's own SMTP server - so that the "sender" of the email can be the organisation's own email address

For more information on the cloud delivered BookingsPlus solution, you can visit the dedicated BookingsPlus website at or contact EvolvePlus to discuss how we can assist your library service.

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Customising the PC Booking Client

The BookingsPlus PC Bookings client for Windows provides automated session control to ensure user sessions end on time, every time. Patrons login to their sessions using their library barcode and/or pin code, and once authenticated, patrons can view your acceptable use policy, which they must agree to comply with, before they can begin their sessions.

With BookingsPlus delivered as a Cloud PC Booking solution for libraries, you can customise the styling and branding of the PC Bookings client centrally without having to install any files individually on the library Public PCs.

Tip: display your logo on the login screen

To apply your library's logo to the welcome screen simply upload your logo via our EvolvePlus Support portal or email our helpdesk and we'll apply this to your BookingsPlus instance for you.

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BookingsPlus Online Payment Gateway

Using the BookingsPlus Online Payment Gateway you can offer your customers the convenience of paying their deposit or the full fee using Visa, MasterCard or American Express for Events, Room Bookings, Resource Bookings and Facility Bookings.

The Online Payment Gateway is available with BookingsPlus version 15 that is being released to customers over the coming months, and it provides a secure and easy way to accept payments. We’ve partnered with Stripe, one of the leading vendors for processing online payments, to enable online payments for Events, Room, Resource and Facility Bookings.

Another key highlight in BookingsPlus version 15 is the new booking price calculation setting, enabling you to configure the deposit, hourly rate and fixed rate. With this new setting, the price for bookings created by customers using the Self-Service Web Portal will be automated calculated and provide a link for online payment.

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BookingsPlus Enhancements

We've been busy collaborating with our customers to develop new features and enhancements to BookingsPlus - our cloud based bookings platform for rooms, events, public access PCs, game consoles and more.

Some of the latest enhancements include:

Room Bookings - Recurrent Bookings in Public View

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