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Print Management for Libraries

EvolvePlus has released a new solution for Public Libraries in Australia - the HoneyLibrary integrated Print/Copy/Scan Management, PC Reservations and PC Control solution. 

 HoneyLibrary features the HoneyCube Print/Copy Management Column - a stylish print management column that controls local printers and multifunction devices (MFD) using an RFID or barcode scanner with integrated payment control and/or authentication. 

The HoneyCube will provide:

  • Printing
  • Copying
  • Scanning
  • Authentication using Patron’s library card
  • Optional contactless payment

The HoneyCube Print Column for MFDs and HoneyCube Lite Printer Device automates the release of Patron print jobs. The library card is used to authenticate the released print jobs and at the print column the user can choose to print or delete his print jobs.

Another key feature is the seamless login using a Patron's library card and PIN to a PC Booking Session and document printing, as well as pay for services via pre-credit on their Patron account within the library management system. Where the library management system does not support charges applied to the library account using SIP2 then the optional HoneyLibrary POS (Point of Sale) application can be used to manage/store the Patron's print/copy management funds within HoneyLibrary.

For a complete list of features, including computer management, cloud printing and more you can refer to article HoneyLibrary Print Management.


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