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New Product: Single Side Laser Counter

EvolvePlus is pleased to announce the release a new product model within our wireless people solution - the Single Side Laser People Counter.

Whether you are trying to measure traffic to support project funding, optimise labour, determine advertising effectiveness, or count items on a production line, EvolvePlus provides the tools that assist organisations increase profitability and optimise operational efficiency by analysing visitor traffic to make informed business decisions. 

Our new Single Side Laser People Counter enables you to count pedestrians and moving objects via a user-defined counting distance (0.2 to 8 metres) without requiring a separate receiver or reflector.

This makes it ideal for use in a wide range of applications including:

  • As a footpath traffic counter measuring pedestrian traffic on footpaths outside your building,
  • As a visitor people counter analysing traffic for shopping centre kiosks,
  • As a production counter measuring moving objects on a product line.

It can count objects in the foreground (e.g. pedestrians on the footpath) whilst ignoring objects in the background (e.g. cars on the road. The count data is transmitted every minute to our Sensor Network Gateway (Ethernet or 3G) unit that can be located anywhere within a 30 metre range. The Sensor Network Gateway forwards the data at regular intervals to the 'SensorServer reporting application hosted on-site or in the cloud.

For more information refer to the article Single Side Laser People Counters or Contact EvolvePlus to discuss your requirements.

Aurora Software Release February 2018
Aurora Software Release January 2018

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