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Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Signage - IoT People Counters


For retailers and businesses alike, being able to separate your business from the marketing noise that surrounds us is the key to self-promotion. Digital signage is a versatile and effective means of self-promotion, but do you really know how effective your digital signage is? Is your message getting through to your audience or is your target audience engaging in your content? Measuring the success of digital signage is a painstaking task that without video tracking software or a physical interaction indicator is labour intensive and time-consuming.


IoT People Counters can provide you a great alternative to measuring the effectiveness of your digital signage. Not requiring any permanent fixtures or 240V power, the IoT People Counters we supply at EvolvePlus are portable and are designed to be user-friendly. With a battery life of 12 months and requiring no specialised know-how or tools for installation, they will prove to be advantageous for those looking to monitor foot traffic and interaction rates of their digital signage. The versatility of these counters means they are easily transportable and adaptable to many different environments. This is perfect for agencies or those looking to monitor customer engagement on a short term basis, or to get comparative data from multiple sites.


There are also a number of brackets and weather-resistant fixtures available for our IoT People Counters which can be used to angle, position and protect the counters in any setting.



If you would like to learn more about our IoT People Counters, feel free to send an enquiry through to us using this link:

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