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Summer Reading Club

What is the Summer Reading Club?

The Summer Reading Club is a FREE school holiday program with activities designed especially for children and young people.

Public libraries across Australia invite children/teens and families to join the Summer Reading Club, which is led by State Library of Queensland and in partnership with ALIA. The theme for this year is: Adventure. The campaign will officially run from Monday, 1 December 2014 to Saturday, 31 January 2015.

"Last year, 864 public library branches across Australia participated in the delivery of the Summer Reading Club program; 35,576 children registered and an estimated 234,468 books were read. These results demonstrate that the Summer Reading Club is an excellent program for engaging children and young people during the summer school holidays."

My Reading List

Are you one of the many libraries that will run a Summer Reading Club this year? Are you looking for a more creative way to track reading than the traditional paper-based reading logs you ask your participants to complete?

Why not use the 'My Reading List' platform to run your reading club?

How It Works

Our tools will allow you to set up your library reading club program, complete with prizes/awards management, mediated reviews and certificate printing, in a few simple clicks!

Ask participants to sign up to your program, and you're off! Using 'My Reading List', kids and young people will be able to track their reading, complete book reviews, read reviews by their peers and print off nice summary reports and certificates.

Your participants will have fun and benefit from all the built-in 'My Reading List' features, and your library service will benefit as the administration is fully automated.

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