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Enhancements to VuFind Discovery Layer for Amlib

The VuFind Discovery Layer enables libraries to provide patrons with a unique web 2.0 experience with a mobile phone interface often missing in traditional library system OPACs.

EvolvePlus develops a range of LMS drivers for real-time integration between VuFind and the library's LMS. One of the popular integrations  we have developed is between the Amlib library system and VuFind.

Based on customer feedback we continue to enhance the Amlib LMS driver for VuFind, and have recently released the following new features:

v 1.5.0: enhanced to use Microsoft SQL Server PDO Driver to enable installation on newer versions of PHP

v 1.5.1: fixed display of dates

v 1.5.2: My Account "Holds" now only displays a single entry when Amlib reservation for multiple Items on a single Catalogue record. Also if there reservation queue has more than 5 people ahead of the patron it will display "Greater than 5" instead of the actual queue position

v 1.5.3: My Account "My Checked Out Items" - if the item on loan is a Periodical then  displays the Amlib Stk Item Line 1











Existing customers with a VuFind Managed Service Agreement from EvolvePlus can Contact EvolvePlus to arrange installation of the free update to the driver.

Development Underway for 2014

One of the major enhancements currently under development by EvolvePlus is the VuFind SIP2 integration for our existing LMS drivers. This will enable the Holds and Renewals functionality to use the SIP2 protocol for improved real-time integration & validation with the library system.

For more information on VuFind and associated EvolvePlus services visit the VuFind Discovery Layer Features page.

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