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People counting solution for the outdoor exhibition at Australian National Maritime Museum.

The first-ever outdoor exhibition held at the Australian National Maritime Museum where visitors can explore six colourful containers scattered around the museum like giant Lego pieces. Each container uses solar power to run internal lighting and displays.

The Challenge
To gauge the popularity of the exhibition, a unique and cost-effective people counting solution was required. The people counting solution had to operate on batteries and/or required a minimum power drain from the solar power supply of each container. The people counting solution had to be inconspicuous and automatically report visitors in real time.

The Decision
Our wireless battery powered door sensors paired with our 3G gateway device was selected as the most suitable and cost-effective solution. The battery-operated sensors captured people movement at the entrance of each container. The sensors transmitted the captured people count data to the 3G gateway device which in turn sent the data to software that was hosted on our EvolvePlus cloud servers. The low power usage of the 3G gateway device enabled it to operate solely from the solar power supply installed on the Containers without compromising internal lighting and displays.

The Solution
Our solution enabled the Australian National Maritime Museum to effectively gain real-time hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly visitation numbers to each container by simply logging on to the reporting module web application. The visitation numbers received are used in reports to management and the exhibition sponsors.

“This is a great system with excellent service and will be a good additional offering for touring venues. Thanks also to Tony for the quick turn around and hassle-free installation.”




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