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Amlib Data Services

EvolvePlus offers libraries a range of professional services for the Amlib library management system that save time and automate regular tasks. Whether your library is looking to optimise its processes or migrate Amlib data to another system, our staff have extensive experience across all aspects of Amlib.

We offer cloud hosting, software customisation, project planning, data migration, consultancy and managed admin services for the Amlib LMS. Our services include:

  • Amlib Managed Admin Services & Support
  • Amlib Data Conversion & Extraction
  • Amlib Software Customisation
  • Amlib Cloud Hosting & Archiving
  • Amlib Project Planning
  • Fully Featured Discovery Layer to Replace Amlib WebOPAC

Some of our most recent projects have included SMS integration for Patron Notices, delivery of web dashboards & reports that combine Amlib data with information from other sources (e.g. people counters), and troubleshooting SIP2 integration. 

To find out more you can read the article: Amlib Professional Services.

Contact EvolvePlus today to discuss your library's requirements and to discuss how we can help your library with our Amlib Professional Services.

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